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Chris Cleary - VP Corporate Development, Medtronic

Chris Cleary is Vice President of Corporate Development for Medtronic. During 2014, Chris led the corporate development efforts for Medtronic?s $43B acquisition of Covidien. Since then, Medtronic has acquired over 30 businesses for more than $3 billion, and made more than 20 investments in companies and funds in excess of $170 million.

Prior to 2014, Chris was CEO for Alesia Capital Services LLC, and worked at GE Capital from 1995 to 2011, leading M&A teams that closed acquisitions worth $60 billion of financial assets across more than 200 transactions.

Chris graduated from The Colorado College with a degree in Biology. He received the GE Capital Chairman?s Award for M&A excellence, and was a member of the General Electric Business Development senior leadership council.